How I Regained Control of My Health, Dropped 60 lbs & Got My Life Back!

Written by Michelle Simpson posted 3 hours ago

About The Author: Michelle Simpson
Born & Raised In Illinois
Mother of 2
At 39, I finally got my life back!

My story began when we were pregnant with our first...

By the 3rd trimester, I gained over 60 pounds. My husband John kept telling me that it was okay, that it was expected and the weight will come off easy after the baby was born.

I appreciated his encouragement, but I kept hearing my mom's voice in my mind.

My Mom used to tell me:

“Once you have children your body is never going to be the same.”

She was doing her best to scare me off boys. But there was something about how she said it that
stuck with me for 30 years!

Many years later, after having my children, my body had changed a lot. I always blamed the children. That was my excuse for why I couldn't keep the pounds off. Could my mother have been right?

I had tried everything:

✅ Complicated Workouts
✅ Low carbs
✅ Fancy shakes
✅ No sugar

Week after week the scale would hardly move. So depressed I would remember what my mother had said and fall back into my bad eating habits.

What if my mom was right and I was to be oversized for life!

I went to see a few doctors and they discovered I had high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. It turns out that these were the result of my size and not the cause of those extra pounds.

I guess I just decided that this was how my life was going to be....

Then, one chance encountered changed my life forever.

I was at a play date at our local community center I ran into Monica. Monica and I were the same age. We went to school together. I could help but noticed that she had 2 kids around the same age as mine, but she looked amazing! She must have been the same size that she was in high school.

We chatted for about 20 minutes, catching up on the last 10 years. I couldn't stop thinking about how she looked. I finally cracked and asked her, " Monica, I need to ask you. How did you get rid of all the baby fat?"

She smiled softly at me and said, " believe me it wasn't easy at first. I gain 70 lbs by the time Gracie (their second) was born. I was depressed and about to give up. Then Jack started doing some research"

Jack was Monica's high-school sweetheart. I just assumed they stayed together.

"Jack has always been a science nerd. He starting doing a bunch of research and discovered that my Brown Fat Cells were too low. I'd never heard of Brown Fat Cells, but Jack explained there are 2 types of fat cells: 1. white fat cells and 2. brown ones."

"I've never heard of this. What's a brown fat cell?", I asked.

Monica replied, "they are the healthy fat cells. The more brown fat cells that we have, the higher your metabolism is and the harder it is to get fat. Jack discovered this by studying people in the northern part of Vietnam. They are the oldest people in the world and they the lowest obesity levels in the world. As it turns out, they have the highest Brown Fat Cell Counts."

Just has the conversation was getting good the play-date was over and the kids started pulling at me.

Before we said good-bye, Monica gave me the link to a video that Jack created that explains all about the Brown Fat Cells and how to create more of them in your body.
It all made perfect sense.

The science that Jack talked about the video was very easy to understand.

I immediately tried Jack's suggestion for increasing brown fat cells.

What did I have to loose.

I didn't want try another diet and I was sick of exercising.

If I could lose this weight just doing this simple "5 minute morning ritual", I would be a fool not to try it.

Thank God I did.

3 months later, I was 60 lbs lighter and now everyone is asking me how I did it!

I learned so much from the video.
It is surprising how much of my life I believed being heavy was my own fault.
It is not about:

❌ How much exercise I do...

❌ How many diets I have done or cutting out all my food...

❌ Going back for seconds at the food buffet...

❌ What time I eat or starving myself at night...

❌ Not eating at all...

❌ My genetics or how old I am. (Thanks doctor for that lie!)

I love my mother and know she didn’t mean any harm by what she said. But the doctors are a different story! It feels like they don’t have enough time to help anymore and it’s easier for them to say it is my fault!

I can say finally that it’s not!

The ‘5-minute morning ritual’ is such a blessing.

✅ All my cravings are gone

✅ I fall asleep faster and no more tossing and turning

✅ Began eating all my Favourite foods again without the guilt

✅ Showed my Mom that it is possible to lose the “baby bump” and have that flat tummy.

✅ My Favourite part - a whole new wardrobe except for a few things that I'd kept from my 20’s. Yes, my Favourite jeans from my 20’s.

✅ And of course lots of swimsuits :)

I knew getting and staying healthy was always a choice, I just didn't know how easy it could be.

My choice’s were:

1. Waste time with complicated food apps. Calorie counting. Meal planning and impossible exercise routines.


2. Commit to a five-minute routine every evening.

I would be crazy if I didn’t go with option 2. The results were beyond impressive. Even my friends and family are doing it which is why I want to tell everyone.

I want to see others begin their own incredible transformation!

No longer bitter with jealousy.

I finally feel confident enough to enjoy all the social events with my husband and all our friends… even a date night out on the town.

I would feel horrible if you didn't take a few minutes to watch this video!!

You can start your own transformation today by tapping the white arrow to play now:

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