From 236 to 141 with This Tropical Loophole

How I Regain Control of My Health & Increase my Metabolism.


I'm 60 years old, mother of 3, married to the love of my life, lover of food & traveling, living the best time of my life.

"January 15th 2022"

Let me tell you about the best thing that could have happened to me!

My mother once told me:

"The shape of your body will never be the same after having kids.".

The only purpose she was trying to do at the time was to scare me off. Little did she know those words would stay with me my entire life!

Once I had kids, I had an excuse for why I couldn't lose weight. Never once did I blame chocolate, soda, ice cream and poor food choices that I made daily.

I have indeed tried a few different things to change this outcome.

✔️ Tried Exercising
✔️ Taking out carbs
✔️ Using only healthy, whole ingredients
✔️ Taking out sugar

Regardless of what I did, I got the same results. My weight barely changed week after week. Whenever I remembered what my mother said about having kids, I would return to eating meals I enjoy.

It seemed like I'd be overweight all my life!

Cold winters made it easy to ignore my weight, but warmer summers pushed me to make a difference.

I did try to get professional help. Many doctors diagnosed me with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. When one doctor told me "that's what happens as you age", all the tests seemed like a waste of time and money.

I felt miserable and depressed no matter what excuse I heard from others or myself.

While my husband was always working, I took care of our home. He had a lot of meetings and events at work so we didn't have a lot of social life.

Our move to Florida changed everything for him. He had more free time than ever. There were some former coworkers that had retired in the area too. Each day he met them at the beaches to enjoy time together. But I felt too embarrassed to even think of wearing a bikini.

Even our own private pool couldn't relax me. What would my husband think? How he would compare his wife to every half-my-size woman in Florida. I felt hopeless.

One night, I met a woman whom I kept seeing the same day, the same time.

Seeing me cry my heart out, she told me about the 'Tropical Loophole'.
She and her husband were trying that and getting incredible results.

She told me this biological loophole was 10X more effective for her than exercise or diet. At that point, I didn't know what it was and I couldn't care less. My only concern was how it would help me.

Could it solve all my problems?

I never imagined that I would be around golden beaches that I could not enjoy in retirement.

Each day I sat at home alone, feeling jealous because I didn't join him and his friends. The only thing I knew up to that point was failed diets, useless doctor's advice, and feeling hopeless.

Then all a sudden it was as if a switch had been flicked. As soon as I started incorporating this into my evening routine, my stomach began to shrink.

It even reduced my blood pressure and cholesterol, at least according to the doctor I saw again!

>>> Here's the link to the video the woman shared with me. It explains the Tropical Loophole<<<

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