At 58, I Wear Smaller Jeans, I Sleep Better, And I Have More Energy Than I Ever Did In My 30s.

Michelle Simpson

Writer at Vital Health Awareness. Mother of 3, Grandma of 4. Lover of travel, gardening, & food - I dropped from 336 to 134 and I am now living my best life!

January 15th, 2022 - 3 Minute Read

I remember back in my 20s and 30s when I used to:

- Have plenty of energy from sun up to sun down

- Maintain a slim figure even while living on pizzas and burgers

- Eat what I wanted...WHEN I wanted and not gain an ounce

- Stay in great shape even though I hardly went to the gym

- Feel confident and comfortable wearing fun form-fitting tops, tanks, and shorts

That was me. UNTIL, somewhere in my early 40s.

All of a sudden, my once slim and trim petite figure became a magnet for pounds and bulge in all the wrong places.

It seemed my metabolism had SLOWED to a crawl.

Even my health was deteriorating, and I had very little energy throughout the day.

So, I would go to bed earlier at night, hoping that would help me make it through the next day.

Some nights I’d be in bed for TWELVE HOURS, and still be dragging the next day!

I didn’t realize at the time how BAD it had gotten.

That is, until my husband and I were visiting his side of the family in Florida over the holidays. He had booked a condo on AirBnB for us to stay in.

When I walked in the bathroom I noticed there was a fancy digital scale right in the middle of the floor.

We hadn’t had a scale at our house in years.

Hesitantly, I decided to step on.....just to see what it read.

335….What? Surely, it was off.

That moment hit me HARD.

I looked up in the bathroom mirror, and was so ashamed of what I saw.

I looked so tired, puffy and... ahem...“round”

How did it get this bad? How did I let myself go so far?

I thought about the “scale experience” the rest of the day. And that evening as I was getting ready for bed, I made a decision.

First thing I did when I got back home was start walking.

But, I found out pretty quick that my joints were not going to hold up with all the weight I was carrying at the time.

Then, I started a detox with salads and smoothies.

I had some success early with it, but found out it left me too hungry, so I ended up snacking and ruining any momentum.

Next, I did Keto. There were some excellent meals to be had with that plan, but I missed my breads dearly.

Then I counted calories, tried Paleo, I even went Vegan for a whole month.

BUT, my scale numbers weren’t budging!

I thought...

“Could something be wrong with me internally?”

So, I made an appointment with my doctor to get checked out.

Calmly, he said, “Michelle, there is nothing to worry about. This is not something you did wrong.”

He explained that my weight gain over the years had nothing to do with what I eat or how much I exercise.

He then lowered his voice a bit, looked over his shoulder down the hallway as if to see if anyone in the clinic was listening...

He quietly said, “Michelle, I’ve known Rob and you a long time. And I don’t share this with just anyone, but I want to show you something I learned recently that will help you.”

"It's a bit unconventional, but it has great science research backing it up."

He went on to tell me a story about a mother of 5, named Suzanne, who had added unhealthy gain after each child.

"Suzanne was in a similar situation and time of life that you are in. But, using an unusual simple Thorny Australian Plant that promotes balance in the gut and metabolism, she was able to drop all of that over six inches from her waist in a very short period of time."

He went on to say, "There are 3 almost unbelievable benefits Suzanne discovered by using this method

1. She ate whatever she wanted

2. She didn't do any exercise

3. It worked REALLY quickly

“And, it only takes about 7 seconds each day.”

He said, “all of the details are right here.”

Then he handed me a slip of paper with the website address on it.

Well needless to say, I could get home fast enough to check this out!

Actually, I couldn't even wait until I got home. So, I just pulled it up on my phone in the Doctor's office parking lot.

It was an hour later before I knew it, and I was just BLOWN away by everything I just learned.

Could something so simple really deliver those results in such a short period of time?

I had questions in my head, but my heart said "YES! This is Your Answer!"

Needless to say, I followed my heart...

I could have easily blown off my Doctor when he told me about this unusual method. But, I put my skepticism aside.

Now, I absolutely love who I have become. It feels like the “REAL ME" again.

And, I don’t have to worry about my health going forward.

All because I took some time to learn about this unbelievable Thorny Australian Plant. Who would have thought?

Of course, I’m starting to get questions about what I’m doing to get these results so quickly.

So, I have put a link to the same website where I learned about the method here below.

That is....if it's STILL up. I know there was a chance that it was going to be taken down, due to some pending legal actions from some well-known pharmaceutical company that is trying to keep this method hidden from the general public.

I guess the smart thing to do would be to go ahead and click over right now to be certain you have the chance to learn this method for yourself.

To see the 'Simple Method' that changed my life tap the play button above!

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